About Us/FAQ

About Us

At  My Lux Photos, we understand that you don’t want your images to look like a cartoon, an 80′s glamor shot, or a plastic doll.

We pride ourselves in images that look REAL, subtle, and believable.  Our goal is to retouch your images without them looking retouched.
All of our retouching is done by experienced, professional retouchers.  Never by automated software.  We offer high quality retouched images that are personalized to you and your business.


The Basics

Every image get basic color correction and exposure adjustments (unless we’re asked not to.)  We check the background for any minor distracting elements that might draw attention from the main subject.  Hair flyaways are always taken care of and more cross hairs will be removed.


What do We Retouch?

We want everyone to look like themselves, just enhanced.  We won’t remove anything that we consider to be part of someone, such as freckles, beauty marks, birthmarks, etc… Unless we’re specifically asked to.  We soften wrinkles in a natural looking way and we do not remove skin texture.  We remove any skin blemishes or redness to make every face look clean.


Visit our Services Page to see all our pricing and service options, as well as bulk and specialty pricing.


A Complete List of all our Services:
Image Enhancement
Teeth Whitening
Add Lip Color
Flyaway Hair Taming
Gray Hair Removal
Root Touch-up
Complexion Enhancement
Line Softening
Eyebrow/Eyelash Enhancement
Eye Enhancement
Eye Color Change
Small Object Removal
Tattoo Removal
Background Change
Tan Line Removal
Body Slimming
Hair Color Change
Braces Removal